Modern Day Snooping

If you haven’t played “inspector gadget” (cue: theme song, don’t forget the WOO HOO) on social media, you’re lying. So just exit this post if you are in denial. I would like to consider myself a “master lurker”. When someone ask me my hobbies, “lurking” is right beside knitting. (I really don’t knit by the way). However, I am here to admit, I lurk on social media. It’s rather funny, because in relationships, I am the complete opposite. I don’t search unless until I have to and I’m prepared to find something. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social media & iMessage has ruined dating. We will discuss the whole “iMessage” theory in another post, for now, let’s stay on track. Back to lurking…

imageMy general lurking times are either 6am-8am, small bathroom breaks, layovers at the airport, Doctor appointments or 2am-3am insomnia spells. And my usual suspects are men I am interested in and/or men that are interested in me. There’s a specific technique to lurking and I’m not sure if I’m ready to disclose that information, just yet. One thing you have to remember while lurking, is to be patient, it may take weeks or it may take a few days, but never give up. Soon, you will get down to the final picture from 700 weeks ago to find out if his “roommate” is either his wife, live in baby mama or girlfriend. You hit the jackpot if she’s not cute. However, Guys are sometimes smarter than we think, so if you’re lurking mission was not a success, go with your intuition, and remember why you had to “lurk” in the first place.
Happy Lurking.

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