Thank. God. It’s. NOT. Friday

I met this guy at a restaurant who happens to be 14 years older than me. Allow me to paint the picture for you. He is attractive, decent personality, stays in shape and has a really nice smile. I’m not too sure if his teeth are dentures, but if so, they are still nice nonetheless.  We exchanged numbers and have been out on two dates, thus far. Both of which I chose the location. I’ve never necessarily dated an older guy, but I imagined things to be quite different. My biggest dating pet peeve is a man who does not PLAN. A man that waits for the woman to make minor decisions. How can I trust you to be a man if you can’t make dinner reservations?! Our last date was a few weeks ago and he has then attempted to set up another date, which did not go so well. imageFriday’s?! Really?! Your first attempt to come up with a date idea and you choose Friday’s? Do I look like a struggling college student to you?

I had to send this screenshot to my male friend to confirm whether or not I’m being unreasonable regarding the expectations of a man in their late 40’s and was glad to know, he agreed with me.


You have to put forth more effort. I am not requesting 5 star accommodations every date, but it was quite offensive that your first suggestion for a date was effortless. Needless to say, he lost points, and has been placed on the back burner. It’s moments like this,that make you appreciate the fact that you didn’t put out.

Save the cheap dates for a cheap thrill.


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