Taylor Swift is my spirit animal

Taylor swift is the definition of a serial dater and she has every right to be. She’s young, rich and famous. Does she need another explanation?! Obviously, I do not know her personally, yet, for some reason I can relate to her. She has a way of “reeling” in the bait, yet can not seem to hook the “fish” and make him stay. Assuming once she’s in, she’s all in. If you are a musician, she will travel near and far to every concert. Actor? She will walk the red carpet at your movie premiere. Prince of Egypt? She will cross the Nile river just to spend thanksgiving with you. Needless to say, from the outside looking in, things always seem to be going great. However, the relationships are always short lived. Which leads me to believe it has to be somewhat Taylor’s fault. I also have to keep in mind I’m unaware of her relationship goals, for all we know, she may want to just love them, then leave them. In my opinion, Miss Swifts vibe is that she much rather check the “taken” box rather than fly solo and whether or not she causes the breakups, is yet to be determined. What I do know, is that I admire her bounce back, she is on to the next one. And moves rather quickly might I add. Which for the past two years has been my M.O. The upside to this method of dating is it’s easier to recover from the split. Downside, you become heartless the more this theme occurs. You become immune, I start to question whether or not that person even existed. However, I’m not as young as Taylor swift, and I’m surely no where near her tax bracket, but I love seeing a woman playing the dating field. Kudos to any woman for not settling for anything less than what she wants and/or deserves. A strong woman who is sure of herself and what she brings to the table is SEXY. Hell, let’s be real, she can buy any table in the world she desires. Hollywood relationships are much like fairytales. Short lived, recycled & reused, same story line, different characters. Very similar to the dating scene in Los Angeles. So I guess it’s “play play play play play” time.
Cue: Shake it off Taylor Swift http://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM

(I do not own the rights to this song or picture )

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