When you know. You know.

I never really understood this phrase and I’m pretty sure I never will. I do however, have a keen sense when he’s NOT the one. Which has me thinking, if I somehow passed him up already. Or, my package has not been delivered as of yet, and it’s still in transit. I believe in love, I really do, I just don’t know if I necessarily believe In “soulmates.” If soulmates existed, why is mine out there dating another girl?! My perfect match is out there right now, making dinner for his family, without me. Chemistry, fate, serendipity, all 3 exist, however, does it really last? Or, does it eventually fade away and the search continues. I don’t think anyone enters a relationship knowing it will fail. There’s always that small glimpse of hope, that you chose the right mate. They say it will come when you’re not looking, which is rather contradicting. If our hearts aren’t ready to accept love, it will again, pass us by. I feel the majority of people may pass up their blessing because it may not arrive in the package of their choice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, men are visual, and all about the presentation. And well, women, we rely on spoken word. We need reassurance. We need to know you’ve entered our life for the better.

Chemistry is very important. However, timing. Timing is a bitch, she screws everyone.

The beauty of a blessing is that we don’t know when it will arrive. We trust that our prayers are answered in a timely manner, however, God may have a different plan in store. The key is to be ready to accept the blessing when it arrives. Or, like many of things we’ve lost in the past, due to being stubborn, it just may pass us by.

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