Men lie. Women lie.


Men lie. Women lie. Actions don’t.

It’s easy to utter the words, ” I won’t let my past relationships affect my present”, however, do we really mean that? It’s easy to claim how much we don’t have trust issues, but do we really feel that way?! So I get it, we lie too. We lie to ourselves on a daily, praying it will start to sink in, and it can prevent us from looking like that BITTER BLACK FEMALE. When in reality, we are just tired. Tired of playing along, tired of pretending we don’t care, all to save face to be in a shitty ass relationship. Tired of being peer pressured by our parents. The same parents who stayed in unhappy relationships/marriages for 20 years plus, because that’s what we are expected to do, work it out. Because, just like a man, we aren’t allowed to show emotion. When a woman shows emotion or her true feelings, it somehow will relate back to her being “crazy”. If showing I liked you or cared enough to discuss where things are headed, call me crazy. Call me crazy for not wanting to waste my time. Admitting you like someone is almost considered the kiss of death these days. Which is completely asinine and ass backwards if you ask me. So what’s the alternative you may ask? Deal with it. Because God forbid a beautiful, intelligent, successful woman like yourself be SINGLE. Something has to be wrong with you, right? If you are that amazing, some man would be so lucky to “wife” you up. Aren’t you tired of not participating in the useless Facebook “Love your spouse” challenges or not having a “MCM” on Instagram? While those are all valid questions/concerns, allow me to answer that for you. Deal with it, because the only “plenty of fish” I know about is the online dating site. Or, plan Z, you can keep wearing your heart on your sleeve, in hopes that one day, it will all pay off. You can wait until you’re old and gray for the man that will say what he means, and mean what he says.

Until then, sow your oats.

I will leave you with this profound quote

“I’m fucked up, homie you fucked up, but if God got us, then we gon’ be alright”___kendrick Lamar

The end.


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