Devyn and Tenise are two successful single women living out their dreams in the City of Angeles.  While these ladies certainly enjoy the single life, as of late, they have found themselves yearning for… something MORE… something REAL…  something LONGTERM.  They have come to the realization that THEY WANT LOVE!

One day in late October, 2013, Devyn and Teniese decide to take their destiny into their own hands and instead of waiting for love to find them, they will make it their mission to find LOVE.  Insert here their new pet project, “The Mistletoe Match Dating Challenge”.  The challenge will consist of these two single chicks forcing themselves into the dreadful realm of dating by applying PEER PRESSURE!  No more leaning on your single girlfriends for comfort because Devyn and Teniese are putting the pressure on each other to get out and make themselves available to meet new people, be nice to those people and actually GO OUT ON DATES!

The rules are simple: Complete the weekly dating challenges (which will include such dreadful events like speed dating, random/flash coffee dates, internet blind dates, etc.) in order to go out on as many dates as they can so by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve each lady will hopefully be locking lips with a special gent!!!  Follow their journey here at thedreadofdating.com to see who will get kissed, who will get dissed and who will have a Happy New Year filled with LOVE!


In the beginning, the equation seemed like a simple one: girl meets boy, girl goes on a date with boy, and boy falls head over heels in love with girl because she is so awesome and amazing and irresistible…  but after months of dating hits and misses, both Devyn and Teniese have become more disillusioned about love than ever, which now has them asking the question, “Is the fairy tale possible or are we just fooling ourselves?”.

To be fair, both Devyn and Teniese were able to meet a great number of people during “The Mistletoe Match Dating Challenge” (and subsequent “Send Me A Valentine Dating Challenge”), and both were privy to be taken on a few very delightful dates with some very exceptional gentlemen.  Actually since the new year, both ladies have even made possible love connections with men who would be a possible candidate for a possible relationship.  In the long run though, both of these chicks are still single, which has them asking an even more important question, “If it’s not them, is it us?”.

After months of reflection on dating and relationships, Devyn and Teniese have come to the realization that their expectations for finding love was merely a grandiose delusion based on the romantic idea of the perfect “Disney-Movie” relationship… but there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, just like there is no such thing as a perfect man, and just like the fact that Devyn and Tenise ARE NOT PERFECT!

Maybe Devyn and Teniese aren’t ready for love because there are things in their own lives they need to change before they make that commitment to a relationship…. Sounds like a perfect start to a new challenge, doesn’t it!?  Insert here “The Get Some Self Love and Change for the Better Challenge”.  The rules are simple: Each lady will identify an area of life that might need improvement and give themselves 30 days to change it for the better by creating new habits and just loving themselves enough to CHANGE FOR THE BETTER… they will maintain this pace of constant self improvement, every 30 days for 6 months, by keeping each other motivated and uplifted and concentrating on ending the year just being a better SELF!

Follow their self-love journey here at thedreadofdating.com to see who ends up loving themselves the most by the end of 2014!  If you want to embark on your own journey of self love, want to give tips on how the ladies can best achieve change or just want to send a little love their way to keep them motivated, follow the blog, drop a comment, send a video and it will be posted along with along with all of Devyn and Teniese’s updates!

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  1. Makes interesting reading especially since I have been unsuccessful at the relationship game and not really dating much too. Hope reading from your experiences will better prepare me to find love.

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