That platonic shit for TV shows


I haven’t seen nor spoken to you in years, around 7 to be exact. It’s so like you to not have a Facebook or any other social media to keep under the radar. I have heard so many different stories about you and I’m not sure which one to believe. I’ve heard you are some big time model in South Africa, thank God for google,the pictures proved that to be valid. Married with kids? I hope not, not sure if you remember our deal when we were younger. We told eachother if we were both single by 30, there can be a Carter/Hardin baby in the works. Knowing me, the deal was one sided. Yes, I’m still bossy. I miss our friendship, I miss having a real platonic relationship with a male that doesn’t expect anything in return. I miss the days where I can share all my incriminating secrets with you, and I know deep down you didn’t judge me at all. I miss our long pointless conversations over the phone in high school. So, Instead of me taking you on Maury Povich to find you, I decided to blog about you. Which, realistically it doesn’t put me any closer to finding you. I’ve had random dreams involving you, which led me to believe something is wrong. (My weird PISCES intuition).  I’m sure our paths will cross eventually and our friendship can pick up where we left off.

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